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Vincent-Valérie Dubois

Narrative & Technical Designer

Graduated in Video Game Creation at UQAT, I specialize in Narrative and Technical design. Concerning my professional ambitions, the team atmosphere is a primordial factor for me since it has made me appreciate jobs more than the work itself. I also want to touch on the subject of accessibility since it is sometimes put aside and these are interesting challenges to take on.


I also have a college background inprogramming to my credit. My technical background allows me to easily adapt to new software and programming languages to develop games. I use Unreal and Unity-3D engines to carry out my projects. To another extent, I use this knowledge to bridge the gap between designers and developers.


A big reading fan, passionate about video games since a young age, I love learning and finding varied ways to express my creativity through the video game medium and thus design small universes from scratch. The series of the Elder Scrolls or the transmedia work that is The Witcher are inspirations for me.

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