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My role in the project:
  • Technical Lead

    • Coordinate feature development in Unreal

    • Ensure a unique logic of responsibility for each Blueprint

  • Technical Designer

    • Close collaboration with integrators

    • Vulgarize code implementation to designers

    • Prototype or refine a feature

    • Programming

      • UI​

      • Respawn Point


  • First major project with the different trades

    • Sometimes divergent requirements between design and art

  • Include artists in the creative and decision-making process

  • Enemy AI

3D Platformer



Quilli is a project carried out in the Unreal 5 engine during the 4th semester of the BAC in Video Game Creation. As part of Jouabilité et ergonomie and Outils de développement de programmes,the team of 10 students had eight weeks to produce the game based on a given character. Quilli was therefore designed with the Spyro series as inspiration.


Inspired by the semi-open-world platformer series Spyro, Quilli is a charming prehistoric bird who navigates a Día de los Muertos-style world of the dead. Our dear friend must find the way out of this strange world by avoiding dangers.



Knowing that I'm not a platformer player originally, the first task I gave myself was to see the gameplay in a Spyro game since the team had to take inspiration from it.

In Spyro Reignited Trilogy, the character can hover as long as they do not hit an obstacle or reach the ground.

For Quilli, he gives a few wing strokes to slow himself down before resuming his fall. So in this case, I designed the radial bar indicating our character's remaining energy to stay in the air.

I also took care of setting up the knockbacks when we take damage.

Similar to Spyro, our protagonist has two different attacks. So I set up that certain entities (eg: enemies) are vulnerable to particular hits from Quilli.

For the user interfaces in the game, I made sure that the information present (PV, tokens, fruits) and possible actions were valid. The visual was the responsibility of another of my colleagues more gifted with aesthetics.

When Quilli falls into the void or loses three life points, he repairs to the last checkpoint lantern encountered. To facilitate guidance, I made sure that the character and the camera were oriented in the direction of the rest of the level.

I also prototyped the tutorial areas before presenting them to the level designer for integration into the level.

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