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Association régionale de natation de l'Abitibi-Témiscaminque (ANAT) (Cégep - course project)

Type: Website – Internal data management interface


  • Data base

  • Report generation

  • Data encryptions

  • User accounts


  • HTML/JavaScript

  • PHP

  • SQL

My role in the project:
  • Team-Lead

    • Plan tasks to be done for sprints

    • Communicate with the client for sprint reviews

  • Web programmer


  • Apply a layer template for code

  • Experience for an external client with a real need for a website

  • Adjust the project to the changing needs of the client


The project was designed as part of theProjet de gestion Bases de données, spread over the last two sessions of the DEC in Computer Science. As developers, we had to initially meet with the client to identify their needs and subsequently produce a report of our development sprints every two weeks. The website was created by a team of four.


This project aimed to allow the client to manage the officials, i.e. the volunteers who assist the association in swimming competitions. The training and experiences of officials had to be computerized in order to carry out more precise monitoring of their journey. The team had to quickly learn the vocabulary and operations of a swimming association affiliated with Swimming Canada. Indeed, the regional body uses several criteria governing what officials can supervise in swimming events. Also, given the different calibers of events, ANAT also wanted to have an easily accessible list of officials corresponding to their needs for competitions. The production of such reports was greatly appreciated by the association. For the security of officials' data, the team has implemented encryption and user accounts offering different access to operations and data accessibility. Since the client uses the website, I will not give more details regarding the architecture of the site.

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