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Somewhere between there and nowhere

My role in the project:
  • Programmer


  • Individual project

  • Experiment with post-processing

  • Set up pathfinding and states for the alien





The project was designed as part of Outils de développement multimédia course in the Unity engine. The goal of the work was to design an incomplete game allowing us to identify the central mechanics of a game. The latter had to exploit animations, NPC navigation, 3D object physics, particles and sound effects.​


The S.S. Bastion is an exploration ship from the Neo Mining Service company. Facing financial difficulties, the ship was sent to the edges of the known galactic sector. The S.S. Bastion lost contact with the company headquarters only a few hours after its release from space maps. The NMS, which had bet big on this mission, hired an external firm to shed light on the S.S. Bastion. And guess who they sent? YOU !

In Somewhere between there and nowhere, the player must navigate the environment in which a fast and deadly alien patrols. Obviously, we can only lose the game. The pleasure lies in knowing how to take risks and expose oneself to the alien. It's not fun to stay in one of the hiding places for several minutes. Speaking of these, it is possible to hide in lockers, crates, beds and behind corpses in the freezer...


For this individual work, I started by creating a blocking containing several ways to hide or avoid the alien depending on the room; all being cramped and limiting the options:

Hiding places

  • Boxes in the warehouse

  • Under the cabin bed

  • Lockers in certain corners


  • Tables in the kitchen

  • Shelves in the armory

  • Corpses hanging in the freezer

Since the alien appears in the middle of the environment, the player has the opportunity to navigate through the different rooms for a while before finding themselves in a dangerous situation. To accentuate this, I made sure that the soundscape transmitted the tension with the menacing breathing of the alien in addition to a mysterious and spatial ambient sound.

One of the criteria requested in the context of the work was to experiment with post-processing and particle effects. So I placed toxic gases in the Unity scene that distort vision, colorimetry that changes to cool colors to reflect the temperature in the freezer, and water dripping from the ceiling.


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